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DGHM employs a fundamental, value-driven investment philosophy that focuses specifically on domestic equity across the market capitalization spectrum.
Our team of Sector Specialists combines quantitative tools with rigorous fundamental analysis. These specialists are experts in their fields and utilize a time-tested, disciplined approach to purchase high quality companies at compelling valuations.
We are committed to value creation over the long term. We strive for consistent alpha generation, yielding superior risk-adjusted results across our product line. Established in 1982, DGHM currently manages $2 billion in assets.

Our goal is to be a leading practitioner of fundamental analysis, with a product lineup that achieves highly competitive risk-adjusted returns for our clients over the long term.

We employ dedicated, passionate individuals who are incentivized to achieve outstanding performance and make significant contributions to the team’s efforts.

The heart of our process is in-depth fundamental research. We place our active weights in a manner to derive alpha from stock selection and empower our Sector Specialists with decision-making authority.

Our team of Sector Specialists implements seven value-oriented investment strategies that span the entire market capitalization spectrum.