largeLogoDGHM has over a three-decade record of value investing across the entire market capitalization spectrum.

Our goal is to be a leading practitioner of fundamental analysis, with a product lineup that achieves highly competitive risk-adjusted returns for our clients over the long term.

We have an ownership-centric, team-oriented corporate culture that thrives upon a high level of employee interaction and provides every employee opportunities for growth and development. We employ dedicated, passionate individuals who are incentivized to achieve outstanding performance and make significant contributions to the team’s efforts.

Our clients and other constituents will remain well informed of our activities through an elevated level of responsiveness, transparency, and access to all team members.

All of our activities will be conducted with the highest degree of integrity and professional standards.

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DGHM’s team of Sector Specialists averages over 25 years of experience and 15 years of working together. This team is invested alongside our clients, and compensated based on alpha generation. The team acts as a cohesive unit, investing across our product line. All key investment professionals are shareholders at the firm and DGHM has experienced very low turnover, ensuring continuity throughout our more than 30-year history.

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DGHM’s disciplined process is time-tested and focuses on in-depth fundamental research across the market capitalization spectrum.

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DGHM is firmly committed to superior responsiveness, transparency, and direct access to the investment team. We welcome the opportunity to create customized solutions for our clients.

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DGHM’s ability to generate alpha from stock selection has been consistent over time and across product offerings. Active weights are placed in a manner that derives alpha from stock selection, as opposed to making large sector rotation or market timing bets.

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